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Applications for Central air conditioning

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Author : Alicia Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Update time : 2021-05-13 17:26:22
What is a cooling tower?
A cooling tower is designed to remove heat from a building or facility by spraying water down through the tower to exchange heat into the inside of the building. Air comes in from the sides of the tower and passes through the falling water. As the air passes through the water, heat is exchanged and some of the water evaporates. This heat and evaporated water flow out the top of the tower in the form of a fine cloud-like mist. The cooled water is collected at the bottom of the tower and pumped back into the plant or building for reuse. 
Industrial Cooling Tower
water-cooled screw chiller, screw chiller adopts international well-known brand screw compressors, supporting high-quality and high-efficiency copper tubes to make condensers, evaporators and world-famous control elements, so that the unit has a volume Small, low noise, large energy, long life, easy operation and other advantages, its beautiful and exquisite shape design and reliable and stable high-efficiency quality are outstanding among similar products!



water cooling screw chiller, screw chiller

Water cooling screw chiller, screw chiller

Main components of central air conditioning:
1. Cooling Tower, Provide cooling water for cooling water chiller (Central air conditioning main engine)
2. Water Cooled Screw Chiller, Central air conditioning main engine, provide chilled water below room temperature
3. Cooling Water Pump, used to pump cooling water into the chiller
4. Chilled Water Pump, sed to pump chilled water into the water collector
5. Water Collector, Multiple channels of backwater are collected to form a single channel of water back to the chiller
6. Water knockout trap, one-way chiller providing freezing water multi-way freezing water to use terminal equipment
7. Fan coil,  Fan coil unit (FCU) air conditioning is a semi-centralized air conditioning system composed of fan and coil. The coil and the cooling water unit and the hot water unit constitute a cooling or heating system. The fan will suck the indoor air into the unit, and then return it to the room after being cooled or heated by the coil after filtration, and then adjust the indoor temperature. Indoor fresh air is usually the outdoor air by fresh air treatment unit after the treatment by the pipeline into the room.
8. Air Handling unit, generally adopts a tubular fan and is driven by a multi-pole motor. Therefore, it has the advantages of less noise, good energy-saving effect, and easy installation. But because the pipe of the coil is long and curved, it is easy to produce a blockage

connecting drawing for central air conditioning

Central air conditioning is widely used in hotels, tailor shops, building materials stores, repair shops, production workshops, food and beverage processing plants, farms, restaurants, households, retail, food shops, printing shops, construction sites, energy and minerals, restaurants, and advertising Company and so on.


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