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shoe material crusher leather crushing machine price

Model No: AT-10hp-Y
Voltage: 380V/3phase/50hz
Motor power: 7.5kw/10hp
Shredding chamber size:360mm*260mm
Capacity:200-400 kg/h (Different materials, different capacities)
shoe material/rubber outsole/foam sole crushing machine

Shoe material crusher, this series can crush shoe material, rubber outsole, foam sole, rubber shoe upper, nylon cloth upper, shoe material leather, whole sports shoes. This model can crush the following materials, after crushing The shape is irregular granular, and the particle size can be adjusted according to customer requirements through the aperture of the screen.

shoe material/rubber outsole/foam sole crushing machineUsed for the destruction of brand shoes by the crusher, which can simultaneously crush the soles and uppers into granules for EVA foamed soles, crushed and recycled, used for the crushing of rubber shoe materials, and recycled all kinds of rubber shoes, sandals, and waterproof shoes Wait until the shoes are crushed and then recycled. Used for the crushing and reuse of women's acrylic crystal soles and acrylic crystal heels. One-time crushing and destruction of moving shoe rubber soles, Ronnie uppers, rubber shoe materials, and leather shoe materials One-time crushing destruction of leather shoe rubber outsole, PU leather upper, cow and sheep leather were upper. This model can also be used for crushing other plastics, rubber, and other materials
Auxiliary machine for shoe production lines