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Leather, hard material, rubber, shoe last crusher

Model No: AT-10hp-Y
Voltage: 380V/3phase/50hz
Motor power: 7.5kw/10hp
Shredding chamber size:360mm*260mm
Capacity:200-400 kg/h (Different materials, different capacities)
Leather crusher, hard material crusher, rubber crusher, shoe last crusher
waste plastic PU sole industrial crushers

The grinder is widely used in plastic nozzle materials, nylon film, engineering plastics, polyester foam, secondary products, recycled products, regrind and medicinal materials, biological feed, plastics, resins, tires, medicinal materials, wood, tea sticks, rubber, and other products.
It is suitable for crushing and recycling soft and hard materials such as PU, PVC, PC, ABC, etc.; ABS, PE, PP board, and other boards are crushed and recycled.
It is suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipes, silicon core pipes, and other pipes.

Product features:
1. All-steel welding machine base, sturdy and durable.
2. The main shaft is rough, the machining accuracy is high, the operation is stable, and the service life is long.
3. Imported chrome steel double-edged knives, sharp blades, interchangeable heads, durable.
4. The design of the knife shape is reasonable one-the alloy steel blade is used, the product is uniformly granulated, the knife holder is heat-shrink, and has undergone a strict balance test, and the appearance design is beautiful and generous. (The blades are divided into slice knife type/claw knife type, and different blades are used according to different materials.)
5. The easy-to-disassemble design is easy to repair and clean and has a double-layer structure, equipped with sound insulation materials, and the noise is very low.