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Rigid Plastic heads Crusher with blower & silo hopper

claw type plastic crusher is suitable for crushing and recycling of various plastics, especially for various rigid plastics (such as material heads, shoe last materials, etc).
Rigid Plastic heads Crusher with blower & silo hopper
Hard Plastic Strong Crushing and Recycling Machine

Hard Plastic Strong Crusher
1. Hard plastic crusher is mainly used for a variety of PP/PE/ABS hard plastic, PP/PE film, PET plastic bottles (mineral water bottles, coke bottles), waste plastic film, PP cement bag woven bag, ABS plastic, PVC sheet material crushing and recycling. Optional equipped with suction blower, cyclone silo, etc, which an increase crusher's recycling effect. The claw-type blade structure is more suitable for crushing hard plastics.
2. The machine body structure of the whole machine is firm and durable, and the long-term use does not affect the performance of the machine.
3. Weight-bearing type and oil seal device, and a soundproof plate, effectively prevent the vibration and noise, ensure processing not polluted by oil.
4. The motor is equipped with an overload protection device and power interlock protection device to ensure the safety of cleaning.
5. The blades can be adjusted in a flexible way, blades can be sharpened many times after using, long using life.
6. The separation of design, blanking door, crushing chamber filter, easily washable.

1.This upgraded design is aimed at cutting bottles and barrels. The rotary blades and stationary blades are settled at a V-shaped angle. This angle can make better cutting. The granules are evenly cut and less powder is caused.
2.The chamber is made of harder steel. It’s wear-resisting and easy to maintenance.

Inside pictures of Industrial Waste Plastic Crusher
Industrial Waste Plastic Crusher

From our wide variety of market products, we provide high-quality waste plastic shredders. The main requirements for the machines we provide are trouble-free operation and excellent functions, which are mainly used for grinding waste plastics. According to customer application requirements, we can provide plastic waste shredders with various technical specifications at reasonable prices.

After crushed materials of Industrial Waste Plastic Crusher
Plastic Caps Grinder Crusher