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industrial PVC PE pipes profiles crushing machines

Voltage:220V/380V/440V 50hz 3PHase
Motor power:22kw/30hp
Crushing chamber: 815*470mm
Crushing capacity: 400-600kg/h
Stationary cutters No.: 4pcs
Rotary cutters No.:24pcs

plastic pipes profile crusher with a side feeder
plastic pipe profile crusher with a side feeder

Performance Characteristics
This plastic pipe profile crusher is a waste plastic recycling equipment, suitable for engineering plastics, all kinds of pipe, profile and wire waste, defective crushing, and reuse.

1. The crusher adopts a sound insulation device, low noise;
2. The moving knife adopts a removable blade, which can be sharpened by a single X after being blunt;
3. The crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of soft, hard, and foam plastics.
plastic pipe profile crusher with a side feeder

The plastic pipe crusher is professional equipment that is improved on the basis of a strong plastic crusher. It can be used for crushing various plastic pipes, plastic rods, rubber rods, rubber pipes, and other plastic waste profiles and waste materials. This machine is a special model for large plastic block material can choose the strong type plastic crusher or large caliber plastic crusher to crush. In the equipment structure, the machine can be designed with the original structure of a strong plastic crusher. The blade structure is mainly divided or disc cutter, which has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, low noise, and uniform size of broken materials.