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Hot Sale Cheap Price Paper Crusher Machine For Cup Thermoforming Machine

Crushing chamber size(mm):650*250mm
Max Capacity(kg/h):200-300
Grinding noise dB(A):80-100
Screen hole Diameter (mm):8mm 10mm 12mm (Single)
It has Recycle Material Conveyor and Sound Proof
Online Crusher For Thermoforming Machine
Online Crusher For Thermoforming Machine

Online shredder Machine

It is mainly suitable for the production of environmentally friendly plastic packaging boxes, dishes, fruit packaging boxes, and other packaging machinery. Suitable for crushed plastic products: PP, PET, PS, PVC, PLA, bio-based materials and other disposable plastic products, food packaging, plastics Blister tray, plastic blister packaging.
thermoformed products

Specifications for Cup Thermoforming sheet Online Crusher :

Specifications for Thermoform online crusher

Traction part
1.The main shaft of the tractor is exquisitely processed with high-strength seamless tubes, and then plated with hard chrome. Beautiful and generous, never rusty, environmentally friendly, strong and durable.
2.The machine body is made of precision machining of national standard steel, which is beautiful and durable.
The power part adopts the gear reducer of the famous brand manufacturer.
3. The new integrated design is convenient, light, and durable. It is also equipped with the frequency converter of the famous brand manufacturer, which can be used synchronously with the host.

Feeding fan part
1. The feeding fan adopts the motor of a famous brand manufacturer, which is stable in quality and durable.
2. The fan shell and blades are made of stainless steel, which will never rust, and is environmentally friendly and sanitary.
3. The unique fan blade design has high pressure, strong conveying capacity, and stable operation.

Crusher part
1. The knives are made of special steel made by famous brand manufacturers, with high hardness, strong wear resistance, especially strong and durable, easy to crush various soft and hard materials
2. The body is welded and processed with high-quality steel plates, which are durable and never burst.
3. The tool holder adopts a hollow structure design, stable operation, low wind resistance, fast heat dissipation, and is strong and durable.
4. It adopts synchronous belt transmission, with mature technology and stable operation.
5. The thickness of the crushed raw material ranges from 0.5 to 3 mm. (If you need to crush thickened materials, please specify when ordering.)