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Cup Thermoforming sheets soundproof online crusher price

Model: AT-650
Maximum Traction width(mm): 650mm
Traction thickness(mm): 0.01-2mm
Crushing caliber size: 650*250mm
Screen hole size(mm): ¢8, ¢10, ¢12
convey methods: Screw conveyor
Feeding pipe diameter(mm):¢76
Fan motor: 1.5kw

Cup Thermoforming sheets soundproof online crusher price
soundproof online crusher price

New Designed Plastic Granulators are mainly used for online recycling of thermoforming sheets. The machines are designed with soundproof covers to reduce the crushing noise in the workshop. The Plastic Crushers are equipped with a blower conveying for instant recycling of crushed material. It is used for instant recycling of plastic film, PET film, PET sheet, PP film, PP sheet, PE film, PE sheet, and different types of thermoformed sheets.
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Specifications for Cup Thermoforming sheet Online Crusher :

Specifications for Thermoform online crusher