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good price waste rubber crusher with flake blade

Model No: ATPC-600
Voltage: 380V/3phase/50hz
Motor power: 15kw/20hp
Shredding chamber size:610mm*330mm
Capacity:300-500 kg/h (Different materials, different capacities)
plastic pipes profile crusher with a side feeder
plastic pipe profile crusher with a side feeder

What is a plastic crusher?

Plastic crusher refers to crushing various plastic plastics and rubbers, such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, silk threads, films, and waste rubber products. The pellets can be directly supplied for extrusion as raw materials for production.
plastic pipe profile crusher with a side feeder

Working principle

Materials that need to be crushed, such as defective products or nozzles, are input through the feeding port, and the products fall into the crushing chamber autonomously. The knife crushes the materials during the rotation process and is cut by the movable knife and the fixed knife.
After the material is crushed, the small particles fall into the receiving box through the screen holes, and the larger particles that are not crushed are further cut until they reach the size required by the screen mesh.

Plastic Crusher with air suction & cyclone


1. The nozzle material in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, compression molding, and the crushing of defective products
2. The crushing of large rubber heads and rubber blocks produced in the test machine
3. Rubber, elastomer, and other soft plastic hard rubber crushed
4. It can crush beverage bottles, plastic sheets, films, pipes, pipes, sheets, etc.
5. Crushing of wear-resistant hard plastics such as engineering plastics and fiber
6. Tons of bags, packing belts, Chinese medicinal materials, PC, PVC, PE, PS,  PU, PP, etc.