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5000kg Color Masterbatch Vertical Screw Plastic Raw Material Mixer

Model ATPM-V5000-SC
motor power 7.5kw/10hp
capacity 5000kg/10000L
Voltage 220V/380v/440V,3phase,50-60hz
Mixing speed 360r/min
machine size 2550*2300*4500mm
Machine weight 2150kg
1 year warranty+ lifetime tech support
Certification CE

recycled plastic granules mixing machine with 4pcs drying systems
plastic granules mixing machine with 4pcs drying systems

Vertical mixers are widely used in the mixing of granular materials such as chemicals, plastics, rubber, food, medicine, polymers, construction, and fireproof materials. 

Applicable customers: plastic granulation, pelletizing, color masterbatch manufacturing, plastic modification, recycling and processing of recycled materials, injection molding of large parts, and other industries.

Working principle
After starting the machine, the material to be stirred enters the vertical screw conveyor from the feed hopper of the internal screw mixer through the feeding screw. Fly thrown like a drop, falling around the mixing barrel. The material thrown down from the top falls into the gap at the bottom of the mixer, and automatically enters the vertical screw conveyor, and the material is lifted and mixed again. The raw materials are rolled and stirred up and down in the barrel, and a large number of raw materials can be evenly mixed in a short time.

Structure diagram for Vertical Mixer

1. Easy to operate and maintain; 
2. Standing 1-12 tons models are available for customers to use first:
3. Made of stainless steel, easy to clean and not rusty; 
4. The mixing speed is fast, which can ensure the consistency of each batch of materials; 
5. It has the advantages of small investment, quick effect, less land occupation, labor-saving, and high efficiency;
6. Can be customized according to the height of the customer's workshop.

Vertical Mixer for Plastic Granule