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How to choose a chiller for pipe or profile extruder?

Pipe or profile extruders do not have high requirements for temperature control. The temperature control range is generally 10 to 25℃. Generally, the temperature control accuracy of ±1℃ of industrial chillers can fully meet its temperature control requirements; in the production of infrastructure engineering pipelines and corrugated pipes, due to its low temperature control requirements, the cooling water can be maintained at 30-50℃. At this time, there is no need to use a chiller, and a cooling water tower or a cooling pool can be used to cool the circulating water.

industrial cooling towers

Industrial chillers are widely used in pipe extruders, wire extruders and pelletizers. They are mainly used for cooling water tanks. So what should be paid attention to when matching the chiller for the extruder?

1. Calculation of cooling capacity:

Just like the cooling capacity calculation method used by other industrial chillers, the cooling capacity of the extruder chiller is also calculated by the heat brought in by the material. Typically, you need to know the following data:

- What is the output of the extruder per hour

- Specific heat of the extruded material

- Extrusion temperature of the material

- Control the temperature of the cooling water tank

- Actual capacity or size of cooling tank

With this data, we can apply formulas to calculate cooling capacity.

2. Evaporator selection

The water in the cooling tank needs to be cooled during the pipe extrusion process. In general, the location of the cooling water tank is higher than the location of the chiller. At this time, we cannot choose the chiller structure of coil evaporator + water tank, so as to prevent the water in the water tank from flowing back to the water tank of the chiller after the pump stops working. Cause overflow, but shell-and-tube evaporators should be selected. Shell-and-tube evaporators are closed-loop and will not have overflow problems.

indsutrial water chillers

Some pipe extruders are equipped with hydraulic modules. In this case, the cooler of the extruder directly cools the hydraulic module, and a shell and tube evaporator should also be used.

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