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How to solve the phenomenon of mold condensation?

Industrial Mold Dryer
How to solve the phenomenon of mold condensation?
When condensation occurs in the mold, it will not only affect the product quality and production efficiency, but also corrode the surface of the mold and cause environmental pollution. What should I do? A mold dehumidifier can easily solve the problem.
The mold dehumidifier is mainly used in plastic molding. The condensation problem caused by the use of chilled water in the mold to shorten the molding cycle is especially suitable for the injection of PET preforms. This machine adopts the honeycomb runner system for dehumidification operation, and continuously provides low dew point dry air to the molding machine, which prevents the mold from condensing and greatly reduces the defect rate.
Industrial mold dryer supplier
● Adopt liquid crystal display microcomputer controller, with regeneration temperature setting and actual temperature display;
● Adopt honeycomb design to ensure stable output of long-term dehumidification air dryness throughout the year;
● With motor overload and reverse phase alarm function;
● With return air cooling and filtering functions;
● Extend the service life of molds, reduce corrosion, and reduce the ratio of product defects and scrap rates;
● The dry air outlet is equipped with a cooler as standard, which can adjust the air temperature;
● With automatic drainage function, the condensed water can be discharged in time;
● Optional detachable return air collector, which can realize closed cycle application, especially suitable for use in areas with high humidity;
● Optional dew point meter is available for real-time monitoring of dew point.
Working principle
A large amount of wind is generated by the drying fan, and after the moisture absorption of the runner honeycomb, the drying wind with low dew point is directly blown to the mold of the molding machine. Due to the low dew point air generated by the mold dehumidifier, the ambient air around the mold is very dry, generally the dew point is less than or equal to 5 °C. When the mold is rapidly cooled, the temperature of the surrounding environment drops rapidly, and generally does not drop to 5 °C, so that dew drops will not be generated around the mold during rapid cooling.
The mold dehumidifier provides dehumidified and dry air for small, medium and large molds. Especially suitable for:
● The mold shell of the fast cycle injection molding machine;
● Mould shell of blow molding machine;
● Automation area of ​​mold shell and PET injection molding machine;
The de-dew machine can work with one or more forming machines, just connect the connecting pipes directionally.

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