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waste PET bottle crushing washing and drying line

It is suitable for PET waste mineral water bottles, cola bottles, etc. The recycling line is including sorting, de-standardization, crushing, cleaning, dehydration, and drying.
This equipment is mainly used to recycle waste plastic PET bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, PET sheets, PET packaging boxes, and other PET materials.

The main equipment of the PET bottle recycling production line:
Conveyor, bag opener, stripper (dry stripper or stripper with water), sorting system (manual sorting can also be equipped with automatic sorting equipment), metal detection system, crushing (crushing) machine, rinsing Tank, thermal cleaning machine, friction cleaning equipment, downstream rinsing tank, dehydration machine, drying system, label separation system, and packaging equipment; through the above series of equipment, the label on the bottle surface can be effectively removed, the bottle cap and the glue can be removed. , Silt and other impurities, and finally get clean flakes.
waste PET bottle crushing washing and drying line
Features of plastic bottle recycling and washing production line:
1. Exquisite appearance, low energy consumption, high output, practical, and reliability.
2. The brand-new rinsing device can be washed as soon as it is broken, which greatly improves the production efficiency, and the washing material is clean, which meets the requirements of first-class cleaning.
3. The plastic bottle recycling and cleaning equipment has a high degree of automation. During the production process, only 3-5 operators are required. The output is 200-1000kg/h (also can be designed according to user requirements).
4. The water content of the label paper and the bottle flakes after cleaning are both below 1%. It can save a lot of subsequent energy consumption while ensuring the quality of bottle flakes.