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vertical plastic granules raw material color mixer machine

Voltage:220V/380V/440V 50hz-60hz 3PH
Mixing Capacity:100kg/time
Mixer Diameter:740mm
Rotate speed:60r/min
Machine dimension:900*850*1210mm
Machine weight:130kg
Warranty:1 year warranty+ lifetime tech
Certification: CE

vertical plastic granules raw material color mixer machine


This vertical mixer machine is suitable for the mixing of all kinds of plastic granules, color masterbatch, and mixed new and old materials. It is mainly applied in plastic material mixing and also widely used in different industries, such as the chemical industry, food industry, and so on. 
 vertical plastic granules raw material mixer

Special Features:

1. Made of stainless steel, easy to clean, non-polluting.

2. Paddle is scientifically and reasonably structured for smooth operation, saving time and power.

3. Four-wheel upright design, small footprint, and easy to move.

4. With an auto timer for setting any length of operation time within 30 minutes.

5. Good adaptability and long service life.

6. 50kg~300kg capacity optional as customer requests.

Structure diagram for Plastic Color Mixer

Equipment used with the Vertical Plastic Color Mixer
1. industrial Plastic Crushers Granulators are widely used to crush all kinds of soft and hard plastic.

industrial plastic crusher granulator
2. Industrial plastic hopper dryer drying machine is widely used for drying plastic raw materials that are wet due to packaging, transportation or recycling.
industrial plastic hopper dryer
3. plastic auto loader is of high quality, cheap price, and widely used in the raw material conveying industry of injection molding machines, extruders, and other equipment.
industrial plastic auto loader