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Titanium Seawater Chiller Price From China Supplier

1.Power supply: three phase ,220V,380-415V,440V-460V, 50Hz or 60Hz;
2.Refrigerant  R-22 or Eco friendly R-407C,R-410A,R-134A
3.Outlet temperature range: From -35 °C to +35°C
4.Cooling capacity: 3HP-650HP (2.4tons-520tons)
Titanium Seawater Chiller Price From China Supplier
Titanium Seawater Chiller Price

Heat Exchanger
Shell and tube evaporator: Titanium material
Shell and tube condenser: stainless steel 316L material,
others as requirement

Schneider Electric for seawater cooled scroll chiller
PPR electric control box, anti-corrosive from seawater
French Schneider, LS electric accessories.
Well-designed and reasonable Pipelines-ensures power supply and saves energy.

Brand Compressor for seawater cooled scroll chiller
Built with world-market-leading component brands as COPELAND, DANFOSS scroll compressors.
BITZER, AND HANDBELL brand screw compressor also available as required
Titanium Seawater Chiller
Pump for seawater cooled scroll chiller
Water pump for seawater cooling, normally use stainless steel 316 material to keep corrosive of seawater, with high lift, large flow, low energy consumption, smooth and reliable operation, high efficiency and lower fault, low vibration noise, long life, and other advantages to ensure that water quality away from corrosion.

Complete water cooling system for seawater cooled chiller
Chiller will be installed on the fishing ship, the cooling water for condenser comes from the sea directly and discharge directly, with good cooling performance, so does not need a cooling tower. Only need items below
1- SeaWater cooled chiller
2- Cooling pumps
3- Chilled Water pumps
4- Fishtanks