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Stand Alone Plastic Material Vacuum Hopper Auto Loader

Model ATS-400G
Motor power 1000w
Reservoir(L) 300
Overall Dimensions(cm) 35×30×60
Weight(kg) 15
Warranty 1 year warranty+ lifetime tech support
Certification CE
Stand Alone Plastic Material Vacuum Hopper Auto Loader
Plastic Material Vacuum Hopper Auto Loader
Part Name:Hopper Loader, Vacuum Hopper Loader, Plastic Vacuum Loader, Automatic Feeder, Feeding Machine, Vacuum Loader, Feeder Machine, Plastic Feeder, Loader, Feeder, Stand Alone Auto Loader, Plastic Hopper Auto Loader, Plastic Auto Loader

The suction machine can be divided into two types: direct suction machine and split suction machine. The single suction machine adopts a carbon brush motor. If the motor is damaged, it can be replaced. The split-type suction machine uses an independent motor, which can be used with multiple suction machines at the same time. The suction machine can be used together with the crusher. When used, the size of the bottom hole of the gong of the crusher can be adjusted appropriately according to the use situation to meet the conveying hole of the suction machine.

1, Computerized full-automatic program;
2, Automatic alarm for overload and material shortage;
3, Stainless steel hopper, easy to clean;
4, Isolated design of main unit and barrel, safe and simple
5, Separated filter device, easy to remove dust;
6, With reverse automatic dust cleaning function.

structure diagram for single sacuum auto loader

working principle
The suction machine mostly adopts the vacuum suction method. The working principle of the vacuum suction is to form a certain negative pressure in the hopper cavity so that the material is sucked into the hopper. The working process of the automatic microcomputer vacuum suction machine is: when the hopper is short of material, the contact switch that detects the material sends a signal to the microcomputer of the suction machine, and the microcomputer gives a signal to start the motor for vacuuming. When the system reaches a certain degree of vacuum, it starts to suck material, and discharges the material into the hopper after the material is sucked. After a certain amount of preparation time is passed after the material is discharged, the next cycle process is carried out. When the hopper is full of material, the contact switch that detects the material will give a signal, and the suction action will be terminated. In the process of this reciprocating cycle, the materials can always meet the material requirements of the equipment.

connecting way for single auto loader
The suction machine is widely used in the raw material conveying industry of injection molding machines, extruders, and other equipment. It has convenient installation, simple operation, strong long-distance conveying capacity, stable production, and reliable operation. It is auxiliary equipment to realize fully automated production.