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square counterflow cooling tower China supplier price

Model: ADNT-200
Water flow: 200m3/h
Machine size: L 3350mm* W3350mm*H4650mm
Fan Diameter: 2600mm
Air Volume: 120000m3/h
Motor power: 5.5kw
Inlet/outlet pipe size: 200mm/2000mm
Overflow: 80mm
Drain: 80mm
Into water size: 40mm
square counterflow cooling tower China supplier price

square counterflow cooling tower

Product introduction for counter flow square tower
In a counterflow cooling tower, process water is pumped into a sealed header box. The header box then distributes the water into branch arms and nozzles, creating a pressurized water distribution system.
square counterflow cooling tower price

Square counterflow cooling tower
A countercurrent cooling tower is a cooling tower in which water flows countercurrent to air. Water flows through the tower from top to bottom, and air flows from bottom to top. According to the cooling requirements, standard form and high-temperature form are optional. The counterflow cooling tower has good thermal performance and is divided into three cooling sections:
A. The water temperature in the space between the eliminator and the top of the filler is relatively high, and the heat can still be transferred to the air.
B. Filling, water, and air heat transfer section.
C. From the filling to the water spray section of the collection basin, the water cooling here is called tow water.
square counterflow cooling tower supplier

Features and Applications:
It has the characteristics of good thermal performance, low power consumption, good stability of the whole tower, beautiful appearance, low noise, short construction and installation period, and low cost. It is widely used in the large water circulation system of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, and other enterprises. middle.