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Rubber Tire shredder and crusher recycling production line

The tire crushing and recycling production line includes Shredder, steel wire separator, crusher, magnetic separator, fiber separation system shredding, mill machine, separation, and sorting.

The tire crushing and recycling production line is used for fully automated processing of waste tires with a diameter of 400mm-3000mm, realizing automatic separation of rubber, steel wire, nylon fiber, and other materials. 
Rubber Tires shredder machine
Machines included in the tire crushing and recycling production line 
Shredder, steel wire separator, crusher, magnetic separator, fiber separation system shredding, mill machine, separation, and sorting

Product structure
1. Automatic wire pulling machine: remove the tire wire
2. Conveyor equipment: conveyor belt, screw conveyor, and air pressure transmission system
3. Tearing machine: preliminary processing of the tire into film (50mm-150mm)
4. Steel wire separator: Grinding and pressing film to separate rubber and steel wire, and processing into colloidal particles (10mm-20mm)
5. Magnetic separator: sorting steel wire from rubber steel wire mixture
6. Crusher: Crush colloidal particles to the smaller size (1mm-7mm)
7 vibrating screen: sorting rubber particles of different sizes, the size of the particles back to the powder crusher for secondary powder
8. Mill: grind the particles into powder (30-100 μm)
9. Fiber separator: remove foreign matter and fiber
10. Automatic bagging system: put finished products into storage bags or packaging bags
Rubber Tire recycling production line
1. Direct feeding of the whole tire: direct feeding without cutting the tire lip wire equipment in advance
2. Complete production line from the whole tire to 1-7mm particles: there is no intermediate link of secondary handling and the whole process from material to finished product packaging
3. 7 people at most can complete the entire site operation: the maximum output is 5000kg/h, only 7 people at most.
4.200kg/h - 5000kg/h different production equipment model configuration range: according to the customer's output needs to configure the equipment model, a wide range
5 single machine before leaving the factory 80-100 hours feeding experiment: adhere to the host 80-100 hours of experiment, stability
6. The whole combination of a two-layer structure, the whole link of maintenance and replacement design: installation, the maintenance structure design is safer
7. The whole process of dust and smoke monitoring: seamless, collecting and processing all escaping dust and smoke
8. Safety standard, process appearance, attention to detail process, unified standard