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PVC HDPE hard pipes, PS (GPPS and HIPS) lumps,PP copolymer pipes crushing machine crusher

Voltage:220V/380V/440V 50hz 3PHase
Motor power:45kw/60hp
Rotor diameter: 600mm
Rotor width: 800mm
Stationary cutters No.: 10pcs
Rotary cutters No.:4pcs
Feeding port size:700*430mm
Crushing chamber size:800*560mm
Machine size:2450*

Pipe/profile crusher
Product Introduction
Pipe/profile crushers are suitable for the crushing and recycling of PVC water supply pipes, PE pipes, and profiles below 200mm in diameter.

Detailed Description
The diameter of the rotor of the pipe/profile crusher is divided into 600mm, and multiple rotor widths are available. The overall heavy-duty welded steel crushing cavity is at a fixed angle to the horizontal hopper, and the hopper is extended to facilitate the feeding of pipes and profiles. Standard V-shaped cutting technology is beneficial to improve cutting recycling efficiency and can reduce the dust content in recycled materials.
Traditional crushers are not suitable for crushing long-size pipes and profiles in operation. For long-size and large-volume material recycling, a special crusher for pipes and profiles is required. This crusher is designed with a near-horizontal feeding hopper, which is convenient for long material feeding.