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Plastic Pet Bottle Flakes Centrifugal Dehydrator

Output: 1000-1200KG/H                                                                                                     
Dehydration motor: 7.5kw/380V 50HZ 3phase

Working principle for vertical plastic centrifugal dryer:
Unique automatic feeding and discharging conveying system, which uses a screw, push up and separation to spin dry at high speed. Dehydration and drying can reach more than 98%. It is used for cleaning plastic sheets and granular materials and quickly removes fine sand and other small impurities in plastics.
vertical plastic centrifugal dryer/dehydrator
Features for vertical plastic centrifugal dryer/dehydrator :
  1. Suitable for dewatering and air-drying plastic crushed materials, raw materials, and sheets for reuse.
  2. High-speed centrifugal dehydration, automatic discharging.
  3. The drying effect is over 97%.
  4. The powder can be discharged evenly with its materials to reduce loss.
  5. High degree of dehydration, low power consumption, fast efficiency, and a high degree of automation, which greatly reduces labor intensity.
  6. It is dehydrated and cleaned, which can wash away the fine sand and other small debris in the plastic. The material can be cleaned while dewatering.
  7. Advanced production technology, easy cleaning, low noise, safe use, and all made of stainless steel, durable.
  8. The machine has the following main components (spindle, spindle motor, discharge port, rotor blade, inner stainless steel screen, outer cover, electric box, feed hopper, feeding motor, reduction box, feeding screw).

Applications for vertical plastic centrifugal dryer/dehydrator :
The vertical plastic dehydrator is widely used in plastics, engineering plastics, special plastics, packaging materials, automotive plastics, plastic pipes, plastic rods, profiled materials, electronic plastics, acrylic, acrylic, silicone, PVC blister, PA plastic, plastic Alloy material, fire-resistant ABS, flame-retardant ABS, head material, ABS crushed material, ABS housing material, ABS nozzle material, ABS scrap, PBT, POM, EVA, and other materials are cleaned, dried and dehydrated; friction cleaning is convenient, and dehydration efficiency is strong high production.