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plastic injection Oil Heating Mould Temperature Controller Supplier

Model No ATO-6L
Heating powert 6kw
pump power 0.37kw
pump flow 35L/min
pump pressure 2.6kg/cm2
oil tank capacity 7L
Max power consumption 6.5kw
pipe No. and size 2 in 2 out, pipe size is 3/8''
Machine size 640*270*600mm Machine weight 55kg
oil unit control temperature for injection machine
oil unit control temperature for injection machine

Mold temperature machine, also called mold temperature controller, is widely used in various industries such as plastic molding, light guide plate die casting, rubber tires, rollers, chemical reaction kettle, bonding, and dense mixing. Broadly speaking, it is called temperature control equipment, which includes temperature control of heating and freezing. Now the mold temperature machine is generally divided into water temperature machine and oil temperature machine.
Oil type mold temperature controller
Working principle of oil-type mold temperature machine: Oil-type mold temperature machine is indirectly cooled by the cooler of the mold, then pumped and pressurized, heated by the electric heating tube at high temperature, and then sent to the mold to meet the requirements of heating and constant temperature.
Oil type mold temperature controller

Characteristics of oil-heating mold temperature controller
1. The temperature controller [1] adopts touch mode internal storage, automatic calculation, accurate and reliable, which can be controlled within ± 2 ℃, saving power by more than 35%;
2. Two sets of electric heating tubes can be used separately or jointly activated;
3. The heating and cooling time is fast and the temperature is stable;
4. The electric heating tube is made of stainless steel;
5. Perfect safety protection and fault indication system;
6. Adopt imported advanced components and long service life;
7. Japanese process system design, easy operation, and maintenance.

Mold temperature machine application field: Mold temperature controller, widely used in: plastic molding, light guide plate, die casting, extrusion, extrusion, rubber tires, rollers, chemical industry, reaction kettle, bonding, mixing, calendering, and vulcanization of the plastic and rubber industry, Heat setting, drying in the textile printing and dyeing industry, compounding in the printing industry, coating, calendering heating from nonwovens, and other industries