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plastic flakes film bags crusher price

The crusher is designed with two feed ports: One on the front used for pet sheet/film, one on the back used for PET bottles, thermoforming boxes, etc, suitable for PVC PET PE PP PS GPPS PMMA PEBD.

Applicable for all kinds of soft or hard runner parts occurred during extrusion productions like casting. calendering. sheet and board molding etc., usually flakes or film runners within thickness 0.02-5mm(  PVC\PETPEPPPSIGPPSPMMA).

plastic flakes film bags crusher price

1. 22kw and above 22kw power Crushers are equipped with a cooling system, which can be used directly by connecting the running water. One in and One out for water pipe. It is mainly used to take away the heat from the crushing chamber because the crushing process produces heat due to friction.
 cooling system of  waste plastic crusher
2. If you need, we can design the Crusher with two feed ports: One on the front( use for pet sheet/ film), one on the back ( use for PET bottles, and so on small waste plastic).
Industrial Plastic Crusher with two feed ports

3. Automatic dragging materials into crushing chamber, free of human intervention; 
4. With speed adjustable motor to fit different demands;
5.Optional for auto collecting system for better storage purposes.


Structure Diagram for PET roll film Sheet Crusher

Structure Diagram
1.Traction Feeding Hopper
2. Feeding Inlet
3. Conveying Barrel
4.Anti Shortage Device
5. Compression Adjusting Spring
6. Reducer
8.Loading Blower
9. Hopper Tank