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plastic drying machine plastic material hopper dryer

Model: AT-100HD
Capacity: 100kg
Electric heating: 6.5kw
Fan power: 245w
Voltage: 3PH, 220V/380V/440V 50hz-60hz
Application: raw material drying
Warranty: 1-year warranty+ lifetime tech support
Machine weight: 65kg
Machine size: 1010*700*1410mm

plastic drying machine plastic material hopper dryer
plastic material hopper dryer
The hopper dryer is a replacement product of the standard hot-air dryer. Based on the original function, the environmental protection factors are fully considered and improved. hopper dryer can dry raw materials that are wet due to packaging, shipping, or recycling.

working principle for hopper dryer
In the processing of raw materials, the hopper dryer blows a constant high-temperature air into the drying barrel through a drying fan. After baking the raw materials, the original moisture of the raw materials in the barrel is taken away to achieve the purpose of removing the moisture content of the raw materials. The air blown by the fan becomes high-temperature dry hot air after being heated by electric heating, and through the screen protector and the hole screen device, the hot air can be evenly dispersed in the raw materials in the drying barrel. Optional hot-air recovery device, the blown air is filtered by the return air and enters the drying fan to form a closed circulation circuit, saving electricity.
Structure diagram for hopper dryer

Features of hopper dryer
1. Adopt a high-performance hot-air diffusion device that evenly disperses hot air to maintain uniform drying temperature of plastics and increase drying efficiency.
2. The unique hot-air bending pipe design can avoid the accumulation of dust on the bottom of the electric heating pipe and cause combustion.
3. All the parts inside and inside the barrel are made of stainless steel.
4. The material barrel is separated from the bottom, which is convenient for cleaning and quick for changing materials.
5. A proportional deviation indicating temperature controller is adopted to accurately control the temperature.
6. There are double overheating protection devices, which can reduce accidents caused by human or mechanical failure.
7. Various models can provide preheating timing devices, microcomputer control, and double-layer insulation barrel selection.
8. Transparent window magnet base.

connecting drawing for hopper dryer

Application range for hopper dryer
The hopper dryer is the most effective and economical model for drying plastic raw materials. It can dry raw materials that are wet due to, packaging, transportation, or recycling. The direct-coupled design is particularly suitable for direct installation on a plastic molding machine for drying, which is fast and space-saving. This up-blowing hot air dryer can provide a loading capacity of 12 ~ 1000 kg.