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Middle speed injection machine online plastic crushing machine

Model: AT-180MS
Crushing Chamber:180*180mm
Crushing Capacity: 40-70kg/h
Motor power: 2hp/1.5kw
Blower power: 0.55kw
Machine size:690*420*1130mm
recycling plastic runners injection machine online crusher
Middle speed injection machine side crusher

Middle speed injection machine online plastic crushing machine is used for recycling runners and easy to operate. The speed is designed to minimize the operating noise and abrasion of the cutter blades, It is adopted with the safety devices meeting the European safety standard.
middle speed injection machine side granulator middle speed crusher can crush materials

Small footprint.
Optimized cutter saddle design.
No tools required for maintenance & cleaning up.
Less powder caused,lower noise and energy saving.
High-grade safety operating .

connecting drawing for middle speed granulator