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injection machine online crusher without screen mesh

Crushing Chamber: 165*230mm
Crushing capacity: 10-15kg/h
Rotating Speed:  30r/min
Motor power: 1hp/0.75kw
Machine size: 560*420*1250mm


low speed injection machine side plastic grinder is designed to regrind the runners from injection molding machines and recycle directly back into IMM. No screen mesh is needed. It’s a combination of stability, low noise and low powder.

connecting drawing for slow speed crusher

1. With the teeth cutters and hook cutters design, running with low rotary speed, screenless, no leftovers, evenly output and least dust produced;
2. Capable of auto reverse running and cleaning when material stuck occurs, all-round protection of the motor;
3. With timing function to turn on or off, saving energy;
4. Controlled by microcomputer, easy operation and maintenance;
5. Double layered soundproof designed feeding hopper, low noise occurs;
6. Fast disassembly and assembly design for processing chamber, easy to clean and maintain;
7. With multiple protections as phase sequence protection, overload protection, limit protection, etc;
8. Configuration is optional on active or passive collecting.