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industrial hard plastic crusher for PP Flower pot scrap

Model No: AT-50hp-Y
Voltage: 380V/3phase/50hz
Motor power: 37kw/50hp
Shredding chamber size:720mm*500mm
Capacity:800-1200 kg/h (Different materials, different capacities)
Machine size: L2150*W1570mm*H2770mm

What is a plastic crusher?
Plastic shredder refers to smash all kinds of plastic and rubber: such as plastic profile, pipe, rod, silk thread, film, waste rubber products. The pellets can be directly supplied for extrusion as raw materials for production.

4 different cutters of plastic crushers:
Claw-shaped cutters have better effects on large plastic head materials or materials with higher hardness, such as material heads, shoe lasts, etc.
Flat cutters are suitable for all kinds of blow-molded parts, hollow products, and various film products, such as PET bottles
V-shaped Cutters (scissor-shaped knife holders) are suitable for leather, large hollow products, film products, such as soft plastics such as PET bottles
Flake Cutters are suitable for crushing ordinary sheets, pipes, profiles, plates and packaging materials, and other plastic products and sprue openings
industrial plastic granulator can crush all waste plastics
They are widely used in plastic factories, electronics factories, plastic container factories, lighting factories, shoe factories, electrical appliances factories, auto parts factories, luggage, pelleting factories, waste recycling factories, plastic furniture factories, plastic toy factories, plastic kitchenware factories, etc.