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Horizontal Paddle Mixer Engineering Plastics Mixing Machine

Model AT-HM300
Voltage 220V/380V/440V 50hz-60hz 3PH
Mixing Capacity 300kg/time
Motor power 5.5kw
Heating power 18kw
Rotate speed 20r/min
Machine dimension 1900*900*1500mm
Machine weight 130kg
Warranty 1 year warranty+ lifetime tech
Competitive Price Double Helical Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Supplier
Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

The horizontal dry mixer is mainly used in the need of heating and drying of engineering plastics, powder materials, soft materials, such as PVC, TPE, TPU, TPR, EVA and elastomer, thermal plastic drying, and mixing purposes.

Machine features:
1. The design of double U-shaped barrel body, contact material part of the full use of stainless steel.
2. The heat conduction oil is heated, the heat is uniform, and the operation is convenient.
3. All stainless steel center spindle and "S-shaped blade, sturdy and durable, all of the effect is good.
4. Dry mixing combo, turn off the heating switch for single material mixing homogenization purposes.

Working principle
The horizontal mixer is to turn the material in the barrel range under the action of the inner and outer spiral belts on the stirring shaft. The inner spiral belt pushes the material from the middle to the two sides, and the outer spiral belt pushes the material from the two sides to the center. The mixed materials move and change in the radial direction under the rotation of the spiral belt, thus forming a convection cycle. Because the above-mentioned moving mixing materials can be quickly and evenly mixed in a short time, the shaft seals at both ends are sealed, the powder and liquid are not leaking, the replacement cost of sealing consumables is low, and the replacement is convenient, so it is a kind of wide application and strong adaptability. , High-efficiency mixing equipment with good effect.

structure diagram for horizontal mixer machine
Widely used in putty paste, real stone paint, dry powder, putty, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractories, etc. The mixing is especially suitable for the mixing of viscous materials. This mixer is not suitable for mixing materials with large fiber content and large density differences. Stainless steel is recommended for industries such as putty paste, real stone paint, biology, medicine, and food. Under normal circumstances, to mix dry powder sand slurry containing vitrified microbeads, a horizontal spiral ribbon mixer is recommended. The motor and the mixing spindle are directly connected through a cycloid pinwheel reducer, which has a simple structure, high operating reliability and convenient maintenance.
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