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Good price air cooled chiller for oil cooling

Model AT-05D
cooling capacity 14.5kw/12500kcal/h
compressor 3.8kw
oil flow 60L/min
tank capacity 80L
built in pump 0.5hp
machine size 1.1x0.5x1.35m
Machine weight 176kg
warranty 1 year warranty+ lifetime tech support
certification CE
Working principle of Air Cooled Industrial blow molding chillers:

The air-cooled chiller uses the shell and tube evaporator to exchange heat between the water and the refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load of the water and cools the water to produce cold water.
The heat is carried to the finned condenser, and then dissipated by the cooling fan into the outside air (wind cooling).

Water cooled vs Air Cooled Chiller

Features of Air Cooled Industrial blow molding chillers:
★ Originally imported Japanese Daikin or American Copeland compressor
★ Stainless steel thick insulation water tank
★ Water tank evaporator, fast heat dissipation, and good heat transfer effect
★ Air-cooled condenser, fast heat conduction, good heat dissipation effect
★ Refrigerant adopts R22, the cooling effect is better
★ Compressor and pump have overload protection
★ The refrigeration circuit is controlled by high and low voltage switches
★ A low-pressure pump is standard equipment, and other medium-pressure or high-pressure pumps are available
★ Taiwan Bangpu microcomputer controller, temperature control range + 5 ºC ~ + 35 ºC
★ The controller is easy to operate, display the running status and fault information in time, and display the running temperature and set the temperature at the same time
★ Built-in compressor overload protector, circulating water pump overload system, drying filter and expansion valve, etc.
★ The water pump device can be equipped with an imported high-efficiency energy-saving water pump according to customer requirements
★ The heat dissipation device is a built-in fan, low noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensation effect
★ Free installation of cooling water tower: easy to install, easy to move, suitable for occasions with lack of water