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FRP Round Type Counter Flow Induced Draft Cooling Tower

Model ACT-250
water flow  195.1m3/h
1-year warranty
Motor power 5.5kw
Fan diameter 2100mm
Tower diameter 4100mm
Tower Height: 3620mm

FRP Round Type Counter Flow Induced Draft Cooling Tower
FRP Round Type Induced Draft Cooling Tower

Introduction for countflow cooling tower:

The process flow direction of the counterflow cooling tower is opposite to the air flow direction. The filling medium is installed horizontally under the hot water distribution basin. When the air passes through the filling, it absorbs the heat of the water flowing down from the filling, thereby performing the cooling process.

The  fans usually located above the water distribution nozzle, pulls air through the filling medium. The cooled process water will be discharged from the packing to a cold water basin at the bottom of the tower.

structure diagram for countflow tower

Working principle for cooling tower
A cooling tower is designed to remove heat from a building or facility by spraying water down through the tower to exchange heat into the inside of the building. Air comes in from the sides of the tower and passes through the falling water. As the air passes through the water, heat is exchanged and some of the water evaporates. This heat and evaporated water flow out the top of the tower in the form of a fine cloud-like mist. The cooled water is collected at the bottom of the tower and pumped back into the plant or building for reuse. 

Applications for cooling tower
Cooling towers are primarily used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and industrial purposes. Cooling towers provide a cost-effective and energy efficient operation of systems in need of cooling. HVAC systems are used typically in large office buildings, schools, and hospitals. Industrial cooling towers are larger than HVAC systems and are used to remove heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems used in power plants, petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing plants, food processing plants, and other industrial facilities.

Chiller with cooling tower for air conditioning