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Energy Saving Plastic Scrap Hopper Dryer Machine

Energy Saving Hopper Dryer 50KG                                                                                                                                          Model: AT-HD50ES
Use Siemens contactor             
Energy Saving Plastic Granules Pellet Drying Machine
Energy Saving Plastic Drying Machine

1.Energy-saving hopper dryer, Saving 20%-40% of consumption compared with standard models.
2.Heater with protection from fan or contactor dysfunctions or damages.
3.Self-protection to automatically cut-off power when overheating.
4. Microcomputer controller enables 24 hours weekly settings.

Energy Saving Plastic Granules Pellet Drying Machines are used for drying plastic material, suitable for drying hygroscopic engineering plastics such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc. Used to dry raw materials that are damp due to packaging and delivery.
Application for plastic dryer

Energy Saving Performance: 50KG Hopper Dryer as example
Standard Hopper Dryer            
Power Consumption: 4.5 KW                                 
1 Hour Electric Cost : 4.5KW*USD1= USD 4.5           
1 Day Electric Cost: USD4.5 * 8 hour = USD 36      

Energy Saving Hopper Dryer
Power Consumption   2.7 KW=4.5KW*(1-40%)
1 Hour Electric Cost: 2.7KW*USD1= USD2.7
1 Day Electric Cost: USD2.7*8 hour = USD21.6

After working one day, the energy-saving hopper dryer can save USD 14.4.  
For a month, it would save USD 432.
Energy Saving Performance
Comparison of standard hopper dryers and energy-saving hopper dryers                                                     
1.Comparison Between Old P.I.D & New LCD
A. Standard hopper dryer use P.I.D controller                                                    
P.I.D controller

B. Energy Saving Hopper Dryer use LCD Controller
1.LCD display controller can accurately display temperature changes
2.Display error code and accurately feedback dryer status
3.With timer switch function
 LCD Controller
2.Comparison Between Standard & Energy Saving use heater
A. Stainless steel heater for standard hopper dryers                                                      
Stainless steel heater       
B. Saving energy heater 
Saving energy heater