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Double Helical Horizontal Ribbon Mixer/Stainless Steel Paddle Plastic Resin Mixer/Granular Horizontal Ribbon Blender

Model AT-HM2000
Voltage 220V/380V/440V 50hz-60hz 3PH
Mixing Capacity 1000kg/time
Motor power 11kw
Heating power 24kw
Rotate speed 20r/min
Machine dimension 3000*1200*2000mm
Machine weight 130kg
Warranty 1 year warranty+ lifetime tech
Competitive Price Double Helical Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Supplier
Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Horizontal ribbon mixer
Double-layer spiral blades are arranged on the transmission main shaft of the mixer. The inner spiral conveys the material to the outside. Click here to add the picture description. The spiral gathers the material inside. Under the convective movement of the double-layer spiral belt, the material forms a low-power and high-efficiency hybrid environment. The inner and outer diameter spirals installed on the mixing shaft drive the material in the barrel so that the agitator can turn the material in the largest range in the barrel. When the mixing device is working, the inner spiral drives the material near the axis to make the axis rotary, and the axial direction is pushed from the inside to the two sides, and the outer spiral drives the material close to the barrel wall to make the axis rotation, and the axial direction is pushed from both sides to the inner. It can be uniformly mixed in a short time.

The discharging method at the bottom of the mixer: the powder material adopts a pneumatic large-opening structure, which has the advantages of fast discharge and no residue; high-fineness materials or semi-fluid materials adopt manual butterfly valves or pneumatic butterfly valves, manual butterfly valves are economical and applicable, pneumatic butterfly valves It has good sealing performance for semi-fluid, but the cost is higher than manual butterfly valve. Where heating or cooling is required, a jacket can be configured. There are two heating methods: electric heating and heat-conducting oil heating: electric heating is convenient, but the heating speed is slow, and the energy consumption is high; the heat-conducting oil heating requires an oil pan, oil-conducting power, and pipelines, which requires a large investment, but the heating speed is fast , Low energy consumption. The cooling process can directly inject cooling water into the jacket. The jacket has a large heat exchange area and a fast cooling rate. The motor and the mixing spindle are directly connected through a cycloid pinwheel reducer, which has a simple structure, high operating reliability and convenient maintenance.

structure diagram for horizontal mixer machine
Widely used in putty paste, real stone paint, dry powder, putty, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractories, etc. The mixing is especially suitable for the mixing of viscous materials. This mixer is not suitable for mixing materials with large fiber content and large density differences. Stainless steel is recommended for industries such as putty paste, real stone paint, biology, medicine, and food. Under normal circumstances, to mix dry powder sand slurry containing vitrified microbeads, a horizontal spiral ribbon mixer is recommended. The motor and the mixing spindle are directly connected through a cycloid pinwheel reducer, which has a simple structure, high operating reliability and convenient maintenance.
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