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Qatar clients bought a chiller for mixer machine

The Qatar client bought a chiller unit for 5 ton stainless steel mixer machine which needs cooling system through jacket.
chiller unit for mixer machine with cooling jacket
Please take note of below details which will help us decide best design or chiller for us. Please also take note that I don't have much space in the factory so the more compact design is preferred by us.
1. Volume of product to be cooled inside the mixer is 4 tons / 4000 liters
2. Product temperature is from 65 deg celcius  which needed to be cooled down to 40 deg celcius.
3. Cooling time should be within 20-30 mins only.
4. Product type is liquid dish wash or hand wash with viscosity of 2000 - 5000 cps.
5. Mixer Jacket cooling type is "plate to plate" and volume is about 700 liters which needs recirculation of chilled water line.
6. Ambient water temperature (in Qatar) could go up to 40-45 deg C.
7. Qatar voltage requirement is 415V @ 50-60 Hz.
inside of air cooled chiller

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