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Malaysian customer bought 5000kg capacity vertical mixers

5000kg capacity vertical plastic granule screw mixing machine with 4pcs dryers

Malaysia's leading manufacturer of flexible film packaging products, a wide variety of plastic bags, various shapes and sizes, different colors, printing, handles, and dispensing forms. Has now developed into a global manufacturer and supplier of retail packaging products and solutions on a global scale. Their business spans the globe, with dedicated sales, sourcing, and manufacturing facilities in the UK, Central, and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, China, and Malaysia.

5000kg capacity vertical screw mixing machine with 4pcs dryers
Description: Vertical mixers are widely used in the mixing of granular materials such as chemicals, plastics, rubber, food, medicine, polymers, construction, and fireproof materials. 

Applicable customers: plastic granulation, pelletizing, color masterbatch manufacturing, plastic modification, recycling and processing of recycled materials, injection molding of large parts, and other industries.