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Cyprus customer bought an 20hp industrial air cooled chiller for irrigation pipes production

CE approved industrial air cooled chiller for irrigation pipes production
Cyprus customer bought an 20hp CE approved industrial air cooled chiller( 380V/3phase/50hz, R407C refrigerant)  for pe pipe production department: two production lines for irrigation pipes.

Calculation of cooling capacity of chiller for extruder:

Just like the cooling capacity calculation method used in other industrial chillers, the cooling capacity of the extruder chiller is also calculated by the heat brought in by the material. Usually, you need to know the following data:

- What is the output of the extruder per hour

- Specific heat of extruded material

- Extrusion temperature of the material

- Controlled temperature of cooling water tank

- Actual capacity or size of cooling tank

With these data, we can apply the formula to calculate the cooling capacity.