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a full waste plastic recycling line for (PE, PP, PS, PC and ABS)

A client from Spain plans to recycle PP bumpers, PS trays, irrigation pipes, crates, and so on.  He is very interested in our full recycling line for (PE, PP, PS, PC, and ABS).

The whole line with 750-1000 kg/hour production capacity,   including a shredder (capable of shredding metal), belt with magneto and metal detection, grinding (min. 60HP), washing tank, and big bag packaging system.

The electric casing crushing cleaning recycling production line is mainly used for dismantling various types of TV casings, refrigerator casings, washing machine casings, computer casings, air-conditioning casings, car battery casings, electric vehicle battery casings, and other waste large hollow home appliance casings. Crushing, saltwater flotation, dehydration and drying, rubber bounce separation, electrostatic separation, separation of miscellaneous materials and metals in materials, into high-purity engineering raw materials, and then recycled again.

Recycling process
First, the recycled hollow-type ABS PS appliance shells are disassembled and broken into small pieces, and then subjected to high-speed friction scrubbing to remove surface stains, and then some impurities are rinsed out with salt water, and then rinsed with clean water, dehydrated by centrifugal drying and hot air After drying, the metal, rubber, and miscellaneous materials are separated by a bounce separator and an electrostatic separator to obtain various engineering raw materials with high purity. It can be made into pellets for recycling.