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Well-known brand 3D printer manufacturers bought vertical mixers

   Polymer powder mixers for the 3D printing industry

Well-known brand 3D printer manufacturers bought vertical mixers in bulk and sell them in overseas markets together with their 3D printers.
3D printing industry Polymer powder mixers
1.Both mixing barrel and mixer are made of stainless steel and polished, so have very high brightness, easy to clean, and absolutely no material contamination.
2.Uniformly mixed, low power, high efficiency.
3.The material discharging outlet has a manual shut-off plate for easy material clearance.
4. The auto-stop device can be set within 0-300 hours.
5.Safety device provides full protection for operators.
6. Both the body and its stand are fully welded to ensure a solid structure.

vertical plastic color mixers are mainly used to mix plastics material of masterbatch, raw materials, and recycled materials. plastic mixers can mix different granule and power material completely in a short time. The machines are widely used in plastic injection, plastic recycling, and extrusion industry, it also is used in the industry of powder metallurgy, pharmacy, chemicals, foodstuff, ceramic ware, 3D printing industry, and so on.