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A Colombia client interested in 5ton capacity vertical mixer

A Customers from Colombia working in the pharmaceutical industry is interested in our 5ton capacity 304 stainless steel industrial vertical mixer with 220V/3phase/60hz.
vertical mixer for pharmaceutical
Model: ATPM-V5000-SC
Motor power: 11 kw                                                                    
Capacity: 5000KG                                                                 
Voltage:220V 3phase/60Hz      
All parts in contact with raw material are 304 stainless steel      Barrel thickness: 2MM
Mixing blade thickness: 4MM                                                
Spindle material:304 stainless Steel                                     
Spindle: 304 stainless steel seamless steel pipe thickness 8MM                                                               
Support material: 304 stainless Steel                                     
¢160mm size outlet ports,2pcs                       
The side discharge port is 70 cm above the ground                   
The feeding port is 70 cm above the ground
Mixing speed: 350r/min                                                            
Net weight: 1900KG
Machine size: L2200*W2200*H4300MM                                   
Working Principle:
After starting the machine, the mixed material enters the vertical screw conveyor from the feed hopper of the inner screw mixer through the lead screw. After the mixed material is lifted upwards through the spiral to the upper part of the barrel, it is thrown in an umbrella shape along the mixing barrel. Falling around. The material thrown from the top falls into the gap at the bottom of the mixer, and automatically enters the vertical screw conveyor, and the material is lifted up and mixed again. The raw materials are stirred up and down in the barrel, and a large amount of raw materials can be evenly mixed in a short time.