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Industrial Dehumidification dryer

Warranty 1-year warranty+ lifetime tech support
Model No. AT-D450L/300H
Process Heater Power 15kw
Process Blower Power 2.2kw
Drying Hopper Capacity 450L/300KG
Ragen Heater Power 6kw
Regen Blower Power 0.75kw
Dry Air Capacity 300m3/h
The dehumidifying and drying feeder integrates three functions of dehumidification, drying, and two-stage feeding, and is especially suitable for engineering plastic materials with strong moisture absorption. Such as PE, PET, PC, PBT, etc. Under ideal conditions, the lowest dew point can reach -40℃.

working principle
Dehumidification and drying part: The hot and humid air coming back from the drying barrel is cooled and blown into the honeycomb runner. The moisture in the air is adsorbed by the runner and then desorbed by the regenerated heated air. The two airflows act on the runner at the same time, and with the rotation of the runner, the moisture in the air is continuously adsorbed and desorbed by the regeneration air to be discharged, forming a stable low dew point air, which is heated to the plastic The drying temperature is blown into the drying barrel to form a closed cycle to dry the raw materials.
Suction part: Suction is sucked into the dry bucket from the storage bucket or other storage bin containers. When the reed switch of the vacuum hopper detects that there is no material, the suction motor runs to generate a vacuum in the vacuum hopper. The raw materials in the storage bucket are sucked into the vacuum hopper due to the air pressure difference. When the suction time is completed, the suction motor stops running, and the raw materials fall into the drying bucket due to their own weight. The dried raw materials are drawn from the drying barrel to the electric eye hopper installed in the plastic molding machine.

1. It integrates three functions of dehumidification, drying, and two-stage feeding;
2. The dehumidification part is equipped with a wheel device, which can provide stable and low dew point air, and the dew point can reach below -40℃;
3. The stainless steel double-layer heat preservation drying barrel adopts the design of lower blowing pipe, so that the raw materials are evenly dried and effectively prevent heat loss;
4. The feeding system is equipped with a shut-off valve to ensure that there is no residual raw material in the material pipe;
5. The closed loop feeding system can prevent the raw materials from being polluted or re-moisture;
6. The optical-grade model is matched with a boiling electric eye hopper, which can remove the fine powder in the raw material, and can avoid pollution during the molding of the optical-grade product.
Point generation
7. The optical-grade model system is equipped with high-precision and high-efficiency filters, which can effectively filter dust ions up to 0.3μm, and the filtration rate is up to 99.9%;
8. PLC control with LCD touch man-machine interface can be purchased, the operation is centralized and convenient, and the whole machine can be controlled to run automatically;
9. Dew point detection device can be purchased;