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Good price double shaft shredder for PVC film

Motor power:22kw*2pcs
Qty of rotation blades:16
Machine size:3160*900*2400mm
Machine weight:4800kg
Warranty:1 year warranty+ lifetime tech support
Voltage:220/380v/440v, 3phase,50-60hz
Certificate: CE
                                           Good price double shaft shredder for PVC film

double shaft shredder for PVC film
Intruction for 
industrial plastics shredder
This shredder is suitable for shredding big hollow plastics such as water tank, bucket, oil-can, plastic cabinet, container, jar, jerrycan, drum, pet bottles, plastic chair, beer case, call bumper, and shell for Battery, Television, etc.

Product Details:

Bearing for shredderBearing for shredder

Internally isolated bearing si structure (dustproof and waterproof), external oil seal, and dustproof


 Cutters of shredderCutters of shredder

With the roller gnawing teeth, high strength, alloy 55SiCr material, the tool can be repaired repeatedly without welding


Rotating blade for shredderRotating blade for shredder

Wear-resistant and durable, forged and cold treated multi jaw blades with sharp cutting edges



Machine RoomMachine Room

It adopts a thick A3 steel plate for fine milling and grinding, fine workmanship, smooth and flat machine cavity, double-layer chassis, and tenon-and-mortise structure, the whole can be disassembled and removed easily.


 PLC intelligent control systemPLC intelligent control system

PLC intelligent monitoring system, the tool can be automatically reversed, effectively ensuring that the tool is not damaged.

Thick and heavy moving knife, high crushing efficiency The moving knife and fixed knife are all cast with alloy steel, strong and long service life
The iron frame plate is thick, resistant to high torque, and very strong
Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable
The unit output is the theoretical calculation throughput, and the specific use should be determined according to the actual crushed material density and shape
shredding big hollow plastics machine