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Cross Flow Industrial FRP Square Cooling Tower Price

Model ACT-100L/SA
water flow 100m3/h
shape Square
flow type cross Flow
Ventilation way Natural Ventilation
Warranty 1 year warranty+ lifetime tech support
Certification CE
Motor power 2.2kw
Fan diameter 1450mm
machine size 1980*3200*3700mm
Cross Flow Open Type Square Cooling Tower
Cross Flow Open Type Square Cooling Tower

The square cross-flow cooling tower adopts the air intake on both sides, and the fan on the top makes the air exchange medium with hot water through the filler on both sides of the tower, and the hot and humid air is discharged out of the tower. The packing adopts a point wave plate with convex points on both sides, and the point wave plate is bonded into a hole through the mounting head to improve rigidity. The convex points on both sides can also avoid direct dripping, thus improving the water film-forming ability of water measures.

introduction for cross flow square tower
In a crossflow tower, air travels horizontally across the direction of the falling water whereas in a counterflow tower air travels in the opposite direction (counter) to the direction of the falling water.
Cross Flow Open Type Square Cooling Tower    

It is widely used in a large number of circulation systems in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, and other enterprises. It is suitable for severe cold areas in northern my country and effectively solves the freezing problem of blinds in winter. It uses a variable torque and pole-changing motor to make it a leading level at home and abroad in terms of thermal performance, power consumption, tower stability, and noise.